Dwina RSS channel http://www.dwinagibb.co.uk Dwina Murphy Gibb RSS channel - Blog and News http://www.dwinagibb.co.uk/design/icons/apple-touch-icon.png http://www.dwinagibb.co.uk British Theatre Guide   http://www.dwinagibb.co.uk/blog/18-british-theatre-guide- <p>Dwina Murphy-Gibb&rsquo;s splendid first play is the riotous farce&nbsp;Last Confessions of a Scallywag&nbsp;set in Ireland, the author&rsquo;s homeland, and is an absolute laugh out loud romp.</p> <p>It is written with a wry sense of humour and a wonderful insight into Irish Catholic culture with more than a wink towards the eccentricities of a small village way of life as immortalised in such television series as&nbsp;Father Ted.</p> <p>Played on Eileen Diss&rsquo;s atmospheric set with terrific attention to detail, such as peeling wallpaper, crucifix by the bed, container of holy water by the door, a kitchen with an Aga stove, Belfast sink and all the detritus of an Irish family, this is great farcical fun.</p> <p>Patrick Lynch, impressively played by Douglas McFerran, is apparently lying on his deathbed. He has had a tumultuous depraved life and is administered by his steadfast maid Matty, a beautifully realised performance from Susan Stanley.</p> <p>There is a hilarious running gag with a kettle and cups of teas that are not what they may at first appear&mdash;I&rsquo;ll not spoil it.</p> <p>Michael Lumsden is the stalwart but corrupt Dr Soames who can&rsquo;t get to the bottom of Patrick&rsquo;s illness. &ldquo;His condition is not listed in any of the medical books in Ireland.&rdquo;</p> <p>As Father Ryan, Keiran Flynn brings a captivating quality to this larger than life character that is determined to hear Patrick&rsquo;s last confession before he administers the Last Rites.</p> <p>Patrick is persuaded to leave this world with a clean slate and confess his misdemeanours to the folk he has sinned against.</p> <p>The reluctant flock are gathered together and each one faces a startling revelation that just grows in comic humour.</p> <p>His neighbour Sarah Bennet (Natalie Ogle) has been blighted by Patrick&rsquo;s malicious spreading of scandal and consequently remains a spinster.</p> <p>Mrs P, the Protestant &lsquo;outsider&rsquo; (Mary Keegan), brings a sense of tough reality to the proceedings, questioning the Catholic ethos and bringing much droll fun to the situation.</p> <p>Then John Breen, an outstanding performance from Sean Baker, discovers that at least seven of his fourteen children were not his but in fact Patrick's with hilarious results.&nbsp;</p> <p>All of these wrong doings are forgiven thanks to Father Ryan&rsquo;s insistence that, &rdquo;Forgiveness is a great virtue&rdquo;.</p> <p>But, when it is realised that Patrick is not in fact going to die, a devilish plot is hatched which leads to a conspiracy to plan his fake death.</p> <p>What happens next is a rollercoaster ride of deception with Patrick arising from the dead and taking on the role of his estranged wife Bertha, who has immigrated to America.</p> <p>You just have to enjoy this transformation&mdash;the audience hooted with laughter. All appears to go well until the real Bertha Lynch (Su Douglas) arrives from the States. To tell any more would spoil the fun.</p> <p>Sarah Berger has done a sterling job in directing this play, keeping the pace flowing and creating a delightful enjoyable production that was hugely appreciated, judging by the enthusiastic applause from the audience. Do catch it.</p> Stephen Rae(Irish actor) on Last Confessions of a Scallyway   http://www.dwinagibb.co.uk/blog/17-stephen-raeirish-actor-on-last-confessions-of-a-scallyway <p>'Farce is a superhuman effort that looks like a piece of cake and you made it look easy. Brilliant!'</p> LAST CONFESSIONS OF A SCALLYWAG. Written by Dwina Gibb & Directed by Sarah-Jane Berger.   http://www.dwinagibb.co.uk/blog/16-last-confessions-of-a-scallywag---written-by-dwina-gibb--&--directed-by-sarah-jane-berger <p>My play <strong>Last Confessions of a Scallywag</strong> will be showing at The Mill at Sonning Dinner Theatre from 31 July - 24 August then 5 September - 27 September.&nbsp;</p> <p>BOX OFFICE: 0118 969 8000</p> <p>www.millatsonning.com</p> Pandora\'s Dilemma   http://www.dwinagibb.co.uk/blog/15-pandoras-dilemma <p>This is a romantic Regency mystery novel available to purchase as an E-book on Mythwood Books and Amazon Kindle. iBookstore and Kobo to follow soon. I love the Regency period and hope that you enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it. It is the first of three Regency Dilemmas I have written.&nbsp;</p> My Songbird Has Flown   http://www.dwinagibb.co.uk/blog/14-my-songbird-has-flown <p>Poem for Robin</p> <!--EndFragment--> Welcome to my new site!   http://www.dwinagibb.co.uk/blog/13-welcome-to-my-new-site <p>New site introduction</p>