Dwina RSS channel http://www.dwinagibb.co.uk Dwina Murphy Gibb RSS channel - Blog and News http://www.dwinagibb.co.uk/design/icons/apple-touch-icon.png http://www.dwinagibb.co.uk LAST CONFESSIONS OF A SCALLYWAG. Written by Dwina Gibb & Directed by Sarah-Jane Berger.   http://www.dwinagibb.co.uk/blog/16-last-confessions-of-a-scallywag---written-by-dwina-gibb--&--directed-by-sarah-jane-berger <p>My play <strong>Last Confessions of a Scallywag</strong> will be showing at The Mill at Sonning Dinner Theatre from 31 July - 24 August then 5 September - 27 September.&nbsp;</p> <p>BOX OFFICE: 0118 969 8000</p> <p>www.millatsonning.com</p> Pandora\'s Dilemma   http://www.dwinagibb.co.uk/blog/15-pandoras-dilemma <p>This is a romantic Regency mystery novel available to purchase as an E-book on Mythwood Books and Amazon Kindle. iBookstore and Kobo to follow soon. I love the Regency period and hope that you enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it. It is the first of three Regency Dilemmas I have written.&nbsp;</p> My Songbird Has Flown   http://www.dwinagibb.co.uk/blog/14-my-songbird-has-flown <p>Poem for Robin</p> <!--EndFragment--> Welcome to my new site!   http://www.dwinagibb.co.uk/blog/13-welcome-to-my-new-site <p>New site introduction</p>