Love Unbound - Poems of Awynbeag

Love Unbound - Poems of Awynbeag
Published in 2003
179 pages

Love Unbound is a cycle of verse which transcends the borders of time and place. These poems are born from the mouth of a woman who is given the Druidic name AwynBeag. Awyn travels between ancient Ireland, Greece and other lands, and sometimes inhabits the contemporary world. She is alternately child, teenager and mature woman, and embodied the archetypal female. Wherever she voyages, whatever time span she visits, Awyn documents her journey of initiation. Her poetry records an intense spiritual and physical love which echoes the verse of Sappho. Awyns poems are by turns passionate, lyrical, pensive, and invocatory. They are written with a rare combination of wit, elegance, and sensitivity. She knows things that cannot be taught.

Ergot on the Rye

Ergot on the Rye
Published in 1992
48 pages

Having had the fortune of being born and ‘rared’ in Ireland, I cannot help but acknowledge the wealth of random thinking which prevails there. One only has to eavesdrop to appreciate the poetry and wit of this nation. As any ‘auld half-wit’ knows, random thoughts are those thoughts that every ‘auld half-wit’ will keep to himself, but the Irish people have the gift of giving these jewels a voice and injecting them with humour. It is this verbal wealth that I wish to present to you in the following colloquial dialogues, poems, cameos and conversational snatches.

About Dwina

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Dwina Murphy-Gibb was born in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. She was educated in Northern Ireland and attended Hornsey Art College in England.

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