Cormac: The Seers

Cormac: The Seers
Published in 1992
328 pages

Cormac: The Seers begins the sweeping legend of Cormac mac Airt, greatest of the High Kings of Ireland. A spellbinding tale, blending myth and truth. Child of the fleeting union of a High King and Grainne, a young mystic, Cormac’s future is destined for greatness. Yet even before his birth, the High King is killed in a bloody battle. And it is the Druid seers who try and protect the mother and precious new-born from the murderous intentions of the usurper. Fleeing for their lives, in constant danger from warriors and the subtle sorcery of seers, Grainne and Cormac set out on a long and perilous journey north. For only from there can the preparations begin – to fulfil the Druid’s prophecy and win back Corman’s rightful inheritance…

Cormac: The Kingmaking

Cormac: The Kingmaking
Published in 1993
275 pages

Cormac: The KingMaking continues the glorious saga of Cormac mac Airt, greatest of the High Kings of Ireland. Heralded by a druid prophecy at birth, all the mystical signs point to Cormac’s greatness. Now the time has come for the young Cormac to assume the mantle of kingship. But with enemies both far and near mere signs are not enough. Cormac must learn to fight for his throne, under the tutelage of the forbidding one-eyed warrior Goll mac Morna. In the arduous rituals that lie ahead of him, Cormac must learn not just how to kill but how to lead men, before he is fit to rule over a land made for heroes.

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Dwina Murphy-Gibb was born in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. She was educated in Northern Ireland and attended Hornsey Art College in England.

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