The Gabby Aggies - Irish Colloquial Dialogues

The Gabby Aggies - Irish Colloquial Dialogues
Published in 2003
122 pages

The Gabby Aggies is a series of humorous dialogues between Mrs P and Mabel, which provide a commentary on all kinds of events, ranging from the enchanting behaviour and foibles of the locals to space travel and genetic modification. Mrs P loves to solve all the problems in the universe. She lives in Ireland at The Fingerpost, a place where five roads meet, and so she believes that since all roads lead to her door, she is entitled to know everybody’s business. In fact, it is her duty! If Mabel is her best friend, then Dymphna Brennan is her best enemy… These colloquial dialogues reflect a light-hearted view of human nature and will evoke laughter and reflection. They are charged with the fluency of everyday Irish verbal genius.

About Dwina

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Dwina Murphy-Gibb was born in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. She was educated in Northern Ireland and attended Hornsey Art College in England.

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