Pandora's Dilemma

Pandora\'s Dilemma
08 Nov 2013

This is a romantic Regency mystery novel available to purchase as an E-book on Mythwood Books and Amazon Kindle. iBookstore and Kobo to follow soon. I love the Regency period and hope that you enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it. It is the first of three Regency Dilemmas I have written. 



When adorable, unspoilt Pandora Winchester comes out at the ball, she little suspects how her young life will soon be changed forever. What is the secret locked away in the library, guarded by the phantom Grey Lady and her druid harp? Who is the Duke of Ardboyne and what are his real intentions? He alone holds the key to the mystery of her true birth but first Pandora will have to evade the sadistic clutches of her detestable cousin Cedric. With her reputation compromised by her trespass onto the forbidden estate at Harefield Hall, how will Pandora regain her innocence and enter into her inheritance? The cross she finds in the woods is a clue, but its significance veils an even greater mystery than she could guess.

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Dwina Murphy-Gibb was born in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. She was educated in Northern Ireland and attended Hornsey Art College in England.

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